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Chrono Trigger snes cheatsDo you need cheats + codes for Chrono Trigger on the Super Nintendo? Your in luck as this page contains all the cheats and codes you will need.

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Normal Chrono Trigger (SNES) Cheats

Factory Passcodes – There are two points in the Factory in 2300 AD in which you must enter a passcode to proceed. The first point requires you to enter codes to control a crane, and the second requires you to enter the master password for the entire factory. The following lists those three such passcodes. Remember to press the buttons in order, not all at the same time.

Factory Crane Passcode 2 B, B
Factory Crane Passcode 1 X, A
Factory Master Password X, A, B, Y

Save anywhere – In Giants Claw or Tyrono Fortress there are a few switches. One activates a save point, one starts a battle, and one makes part of the floor disappear. Activate the save point, then make the floor disappear. Go to the top of the left hole, jump off and press A just as you go onto it. Save and continue. If done correctly, you should be able to save anywhere! Note: This affect will wear off if you turn the system off.

UNLIMITED MID TONICS – At the point in the game where you are imprisoned, you’ll have an opportunity to get unlimited Mid tonics. When you are in the cell, rattle the gate and attack the guard to escape. Run to the exit and then into the room with the Blue Shields guarding the upper area. Deal with them and go to the top right exit and cross the bridge. When you enter the prison again there will be three guards about the room. Knock them out and they each will leave Mid Tonic. You can repeat this ad nauseam by running back into the room with your jail cell and back to knock out the never ending guards. Mid Tonics are four times more effective than normal Tonics and sell for 1,000 gold.

NAGA BROMIDE – Once the bromide is acquired, continue with the game until way after the war is over. Once the game is nearly beaten, go to 600 AD. Visit Dorino. Enter the house with the old man in the left room and the woman in the right. Talk to the man. He will offer you something in return for the bromide. Accept his offer because you won’t use the bromide anyways. He will go unlock a drawer in the right room. Go open the drawer after he tells you that it’s unlocked and you will find a speed tab inside.

THIRD EYE – Go to 65,000,000 BC. Then go to the hunting range. Get to the treetop and go to the bottom right part of it. Wait for it to rain. The Nu should appear there. Fight the Nu. Once you defeat him, he will give you 3 of each: petals, fangs, horns, and feathers. He will then retreat into the trees and say “You plenty strong! Here! Take!”. You will then recieve the Third Eye. Once equipped to one of your players, it will double their Evade.

You can only do this once per game. Anytime after you get the Third Eye, the Nu will just give you the petals, fangs, horns, and feathers. Also, if you don’t beat the Nu the first time, he will be in a different spot in the hunting range.

SECRET NAGA-ETTE BROMIDE – When you first go to the cathedral in 600 A.D, go to the first room on the left stairway where there are the three chests. Go over to the drawer and open it, and you will get the secret Naga-ette bromide. Don’t know what it does, but it is a secret. Be ready to fight once you get it.

UNLIMITED SHELTERS – In Guardia Forest 600 A.D. look in one of the bushes that moves when you come near it. “Talk” to it and a Spekkio-like monster will jump out, leaving a Shelter as it escapes. Go out of the forest, then back in and look into the bush again. Doing that over and over, you’ll get as many Shelters as you want.

RESCUE LUCCA’S MOM – There is a way to rescue Lucca’s mom by entering a strange red portal. Here is how you get the portal to appear. Once you get near the end of the game, go to 600 a.d. Next to Fiona’s House you should see a whirlwind in the sand. Make sure you have people with you who have water or ice magic. Once you get near the end of this area, you will have to fight a skeleton similar to the one on Zeenan Bridge. You must use water or ice magic to weaken him and then attack him. After you defeat him, go back and talk to Fiona. After you talk to her, go outside and put Robo in your party. Talk to Fiona again and Robo will ask if he can stay and help Fiona. Say yes. Go back outside, and you should see Robo seeding the ground and doing other farming stuff. Fly back to 10000 a.d. Where there used to be a desert, there will be a large forest with a cathedral in the middle. Go inside the cathedral, and near the top, on a pedestal, you will see rusty old Robo. Here comes the red portal part. After you pull Robo down from the pedestal, you and the rest of your party will be talking in the forest. After the party goes to sleep, you will be able to control Lucca. Go to the right side of the screen, and you will enter a clearing in the forest. There will be a portal there. Enter it, and Lucca will be sent back to her house in the past. After a little bit of talking, Lara will begin to get sucked into the machine. Run downstairs through the middle door. It should bring you to the left of the machine. Go up to it, and it should ask you what the password is. After that scene goes away, press L-A-R-A in that order on your controller. The machine should stop and Lara should be safe. If you beat the game after doing this, rather than Lara sitting at the parade, she should be up dancing with Taban.

After you acquire the sunstone take it back to 65,000,000 BC and place it in the sunkeep. After that go to present day and you will find it missing. Go around the world until you see sparkles coming from a house, this is the mayor’s house. He has the sunstone but he won’t give it back unless you perform a past task. Go to the snail shop in that town and buy the jerky, then go to the mayor’s house in 600 AD(where you go in your first time travel experiance) talk to the lady in there and she will ask to buy your jerky. You will have the chance to sell it or give it to her. Give it to her then return to the present, talk to the mayor and he will give you the sunstone. Return it to the sunkeep and go to the future. Put Lucca in your party and go to the sunkeep,she will take the stone back to her house, with it she will make her best weapon. Her dad will also make an accessory that ups attack power. If you take this item and the rainbow stone to Melchoir in the castle he will make Crono’s best weapon,the Rainbow.

EXTRA CASH AND LODA SWORD IN PRISON – When you are a captive after “kidnapping” Marle, wait the three days instead of rushing ahead. From the execution room turn right, go up and keep going until you reach a cell with a hole in the wall, go out this hole and climb down the wall. keep going until you see another entrance. Explore this room until you see a black hole in the floor. Go down by pressing the A button. There will be a lot of prizes for those who had the patience to come here. go back up the same way to get back into the prison.

UNLIMITED SHELTERS  – To get as many shelters as you want or 99. Go to Gardia Forest in year 600. Explore or take the first left turn then go north then turn right. Here you face 2 choices up or across. Go across, you’ll see some rustleing bushes. Both have monsters in them, green & white, the white one will drop a shelter,then leave, (or not.) Leave, then go back to the same spot and the monster will drop another shelter, do this as many times as you want.

EASY TECH POINTS – Go to Mt. Woe and fight rubbles. When you get to the second level (with the rubble on the top right corner) fight it, then go back to the previous level. When you go back, the rubble is also be back. You get 1000 exp. and 100 tech points each time you beat it.

In Yakra’s Place in the room with the fake queen, king and soldier go in and kill the fakes, then run against the right and you should find a room with monsters singing to a magus statue. Right next to the statue there are two treasure chests. Also you can talk to a monster after getting the chests. Talk to a monster and you will fight them.

HIDDEN ROOM IN OZZIE’S FORT – At Ozzie’s Fort in the room where Ozzie tries to get you to get the chest, keep against the walls and you should find a hidden small, thin hallway (its covered in black until you discover it.) The chests there have some of Magus’s best armor and also his best weapon.

UNLOCK THE FACTORY DOOR – If your having trouble with the door on the very bottom floor try this. Whenever you go to the computer and it asks you to enter the code, press X, A, B, Y.

SKIP GUARD FIGHTS – When you are in the prison for kidnapping Marel, if you break out before Lucca saves you you can avoid the fights that have Guards in them; if you sneak up behind them, and push A Crono pulls out his sword and knocks them out. When they are passed out if you push A next to them you get a Mid Tonic.

EASY SILVER POINTS – If you’re going to then fair you’re going to need some silver points. They’re mostly just for fun right now, but later in the game you’ll need them to get the Crono clone. You can sit there and play the bell-ringing game for all eternity and not have enough, since you only get one silver point-per-win that way. Instead, focus on the races. Pay attention to the old man standing behind the fence to the right of the starting point. He will tip you off to the winner the first three times. After that, it’s best to just predict the same winner over and over, and you can follow and distract the other racers by trying to talk to them repeatedly. Have fun!

DEFEATING LAVOS – First, make sure you have the best (or VERY good) equipment with you, such as elixers, mega elixers, and some other things to heal you, or fill up your magic. Now, the easiest way to kill him is to use the epoch and go to 1999 A.D.

Now you will run into Lavos and you won’t have to fight the shell. When you start to fight Lavos, attack him with the Luminaire, or another good spell that hurts. First attack and get rid of the arms. As soon as thats done, attack the body until its gone.<p> Now, this part, is VERY hard to most players. No matter what you do, you will go to fight the Lavos Core. Attack the middle guy, and kill him. This part it pretty hard, but you should accomplish it. Now, attack the Left guy that is floating. Keep doing it until the 2 guys revive the middle guy. They will do this every time he dies, or until you beat the game. Now, once again, kill the middle, and continue to attack the left bit. Keep attacking, and killing until the left bit dies. As soon as it dies, all three of the guys die!

CRONO VS. LAVOS – To fight against Lavos with just Crono, start a NEW GAME +, then when you first try the telepod, go on the wrong side, and press the A button (making sure you have the best equipment on). This will take you directly to Lavos.

HINT: The fight is much easier if you have a gold stud equipped.

You’ll need Ayla in your party to do this. When you’re in the Black Omen at the end, in the room right after the two Nus there’s a turbo monster. Use charm with Ayla and you’ll get a powertab. Run away and go back into the room with the Nu’s. Go back to the tubo and steal from him again. Do this until you have as many powertabs as you want.

Chrono Trigger (SNES) Unlockables

There are a few things you can unlock in Chrono Trigger snes cheats they are listed below.

Game Endings – There are 13 Endings possible in this game, depending on when you choose to fight Lavos.

Beat Lavos at the end of the game Ending01 Beyond Time
Beat Lavos while Chrono is ‘dead’ Ending02 Reunion
Beat Lavos in the Black Omen OR right after Marle joins your party (New Game+ only) Ending03 The Dream Project
Beat Lavos as soon as you return from 600 AD [right telepod, again – only new game +] Ending04 The Successor of Guardia
Beat Lavos as soon as you get to the End of Time [use bucket] Ending05 Good Night
Beat Lavos before you get the Hero Medal, but after you hear Tata is the hero Ending06 Legendary Hero
Beat Lavos after getting the Hero Medal, but before the Masamune is fixed Ending07 The Unknown Past
Beat Lavos after you get the gate key back in 65,000,000 BC Ending08 People of the Times
Beat Lavos after getting the Masamune fixed, but before opening the magic cave Ending09 The Oath
Beat Lavos after defeating Magus, but before defeating Azala Ending10 Dino Age
Beat Lavos after defeating Azala Ending11 What the Prophet Seeks
Beat Lavos after Schala uses her pendant, but before yours is powered Ending12 A Slide Show
Fight Lavos and lose Ending13 Day of Lavos

CHARACTERS’ THEME MUSIC – At the End of Time, when you’re asked to assemble your party, you can listen to each character’s theme music. All you must do is select the character (after accepting their offer to join the party) to listen to the music. They don’t have to be in your party permanently, however, so don’t fear that if you want to listen to a character’s tune without ultimately selecting them.

SECRET SCENE – When you are in your jail cell, take the bag, drink from the cup and save it if you want. Wait in the cell until the day of the execution. When you are about to be beheaded, one of your team members(the one who built the telepods at the fair) will come and shoot all your enemies and save you with her new gun the Zonker 38. Now, the only enemies that should be alive are the big shield things.

NEW GAME + After beating the game once a new option will appear. If you select it and load one of your saved games you’ll restart with all the items you had in the previous game. If you beat the game this time you’ll get a different ending.

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