Chrono Trigger Coliseum

Chrono Trigger ColiseumChrono Trigger Coliseum is a super nintendo ROM hack based on the super mario world SNES game.  The Chrono Trigger Coliseum is simply an arena where players can battle on three levels of difficulty, either with the party or a solo party member, for prizes redeemable by battle points.

Game Rating :  0.83/5 (12)
Developer : Kajar Laboratories
Game Type : RPG
Release Date : 02 January 2006
Modes : Single Player

Chrono Trigger Coliseum More Information

Chrono Trigger Coliseum offers Chrono Trigger fans a new challenge with this game as there is a new story and levels for the player to explore.  This game is regarded as the most complicated event hack of the game to date, serving as indisputable proof that the Temporal Flux editor indeed has unlocked countless opportunities for reshaping the game.

There are three modes of difficulty are available for solo or party battles, and points can be accumulated to achieve rewards. Additionally, a cameo by a legendary swordsman appears for those who beat Hard mode on Solo.

Chrono Trigger Coliseum screenshot

Chrono Trigger Coliseum is similar to the coliseum of Final Fantasy 7 in this regard; handicaps are given before each battle. There are some things you must know before playing.

-The coliseum uses the Silver Point value. To be ethical, spend all your Silver Points before playing.

-The coliseum is not accessible until after the Factory dungeon is cleared in 2300 A.D.

-If you use a savestate ahead of this point in the story to play the coliseum, please speak to a new NPC in the Proto Dome who stands near the entrance. This loads up the Coliseum (it had to be unloaded before this because of a technical note).

-You must collect certain keys to access easy, medium, and hard difficulty. Toma, who resides in the Coliseum at all times, provides riddles to their location.

Chrono Trigger Rom Hack

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