Zelda: Parallel Worlds

This hack changes the game into something completely different. It’s its own Zelda adventure.

Game Rating : 1.13/5 (23)
Game Type : Role Playing
Release Date : 28 March 2017
Modes : Single Player

Zelda: Parallel Worlds More Information

This hack is to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past as Super Mario World: Return to Dinosaur Land is to the original Super Mario World. It’s an extensive expansion upon A Link to the Past to the point where it feels like its own adventure in the series. It does a fantastic job of letting you relive the old classic while adding a new degree of difficulty.

The entire project is a result of four to five years of “behind the scenes” hard work, lots of assembly hacks and fixes etc. This game was known as Tower of the Triforce, when the hackers released a demo from that game a few years ago. When SePH joined the team a majority of the things from that hack was taken over into this hack, so in that sort of fashion, one could still see it as Tower of the Triforce.

In fact, this download is actually for the 10th Anniversary of the hack. It brings quite a bunch of new and exciting features that help to re-balance much of the overall game, as well as bring a fresh new gameplay experience to the table. This is something fans of the original A Link to the Past are sure to sink their teeth into. Give it a spin and see just how different and exciting the experience may be.

Question : Where can I download and play Zelda: Parallel Worlds SNES ROM Hack?
Answer : You can download Zelda: Parallel Worlds from Here.

Question : I have Downloaded The ROM Hack But What Do I Do Next?
Answer : Watch this video for instructions on what to do. When you download this hack the download will contain a .ips file (Not a ROM file), This .ips file is a patch which you need to apply to the original ROM in order to be able to play the hacked game. The easiest thing to do is copy the .ips file in to the same folder as the original ROM and make sure the .ips and .rom file have the same name, for example

  • Zelda: Parallel Worlds.ips
  • Zelda: Parallel Worlds.rom

Now launch your emulator and then open the ROM and you should be able to play the hack. If the hack does not load you will need to patch the ROM file with the IPS file.
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