Wolfenstein 3D

Are you looking for Wolfenstein 3D cheats & codes for Super Nintendo? If yes you are in luck,,

Here are the cheats for Wolfenstein 3D

    • God Mode

      Press Start then press B, Up, B, A to become invincible.

    • Start With All Weapons

      Need some heavy weapons? While playing a regular game, access the map and press R, Up, B, A. Exit the map and press Select to cycle through your new weapons.

    • Level Select

      Hold R on Controller One and turn on the Super Nintendo. Hold R through the intro untill B.J. appears. Then quickly press Up and Select to reach ths “Select Level” screen. To play on the secret level, choose S6 (on the bottom right.)

    • Skip Level

      Press Start then press Up, B, R, B; you’ll be sent to the end of the stage you’re on.

    • Reveal Map

      Pause the game, press A, A, Up, and B, then return to game. When you view the map again, all will be revealed.

    • Boss Select

      Enter the code below to jump directly to that boss

      JCJFRP Death Knight
      QCDFSQ Dr. Schabbs
      VLTKKD Hans Grosse
      BCBLMR Mecha/Staatmeister (Hitler)
      SCTLFN Trans Grosse

    • Level Passwords

      Enter the password below to start on that level

      PNJVVN Level 10
      MCKLTP Level 12
      MNDVPT Level 13
      NCKLVS Level 14
      NNKLVS Level 15
      KNKLMR Level 17
      LCBQQS Level 18
      LNDVSQ Level 19
      TRKKHB Level 2
      HCDVTP Level 20
      HNFQQN Level 21
      JNDQQN Level 23
      DCDVMR Level 24
      DNKLRM Level 25
      FCKLSQ Level 26
      FNFLMT Level 27
      VVKKKD Level 4
      RLKKJJ Level 5
      RTTKHR Level 6
      SNKLFN Level 8
      PCKLRM Level 9

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Wolfenstein 3D Walkthrough

Question : Are you stuck on this game or want to find and unlock everything?

Answer : Good news, There is a website that has thousands of walkthrough for snes games which were created and submitted by SNES fans just like me and you.  Best of all there are some cheats and also save states you can also download.

You can find a Wolfenstein 3D snes walkthrough by clicking here

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