Super Mario World On SNES Beaten in (55) Seconds

In super mario world on the SNES there are many warps and tricks you can perform to beat the game in a quicker time.  The most extreme warp is known as the credit warp which is next to impossible for a human to perform.  Speed runners prefer to use other tricks / warps in the game as they are much easier to pull off.  One speed runner has managed to complete the game in 55 seconds 58 milliseconds.

super mario world snes world record
SethBling first completed a credits warp in 2015 with a time of five minutes and 59 seconds. Since then the credits warp for super mario world was completed in one minute 13 seconds.  You can see the new record as it happened in the video below.

The Super Mario World credits warp is a kind of trick called “arbitrary code execution,” in which speedrunners can perform certain actions that change values in the game’s memory. This essentially programs the game to run specific code that triggers the game’s credits.

To accomplish the trick, SethBling plugs in four controllers and two Super Multitap peripherals and leaves specific buttons pressed down on the controllers. The inputs change memory bytes that tell the game to run certain code after he performs certain actions. These actions include stomping on specific koopa troopers in key locations, duplicating Yoshi blocks, and kicking a red shell into the air while standing at a specific pixel. If everything goes well, he can reach the end of the game without ever fighting Bowser.

Justin Mermack

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