Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island Review

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island is a Platform, Side-scroll, and Single-player video game for SNES and Game Boy Advance, released by Nintendo EAD in 1995. Do you love playing Platformer games? If yes, then this game is the best choice for you to experience the tradition puzzle-solving and item-collecting gameplay. The game mainly focuses on Platform genre where the player controls his/her favorite character to proceed through the storyline and struggle to accomplish the level while making points. The game comes with the level-based system and offers a series of levels with increasing difficulty.

How to save Baby Luigi?

According to the plot, the famous characters of Mario Franchise, Luigi, and Mario have been abducted by Kamek. The game enables the player to step into the shoes of Yoshi, the friendly dinosaur, through a variety of challenging levels while caring for the cute little baby Mario.

Like the Super Mario series, the dinosaur (Yoshi) can run and jump his way to reach each level’s end while solving tricky puzzles and gathering items. The game introduces the new style to the series, in which it has a hand-drawn aesthetic and it the first to have Yoshi (the dinosaur) as its main playable character. There are signature abilities, letting the player flutter jump, transform into the vehicle, and produce eggs by swallowing foes.

The game is set in the 2D world and the story starts as the Magikoopa of the Koopalings attacks the stork, struggling to deliver the baby brothers Luigi and Super Mario. After lots of hard work, the antagonist succeeds in abducting baby Luigi, but Baby Mario falls down from the sky onto Yoshi’s back, the friendly dinosaur. In the game, the player commands one of many Yoshis, which make turns while traversing through forty-eight challenging levels across six different worlds to save Baby Luigi and reunite the brothers.

The player can use two buttons to control the character with the run and jump control scheme. He explores between platforms and can jump onto enemies to kill and struggle to reach the end of each level of the increasingly difficult level. During the gameplay, the player gathers coins to make extra lives and effort to retain his long tongue from Super Mario World.

The game mainly focuses on item-collecting and puzzle-solving, rather than a platform, with red coins and secret flowers to find. It has a series of levels which include the requisite fiery dungeons, ski jumps, and mines.

After three levels, the player may face a challenging boss and must take down it to move to the next level. In the new style, the game has a fantastic book aesthetic with scribbled background, the character vocalizes with every action he makes during the gameplay.

With the trademark tongue, the player is capable of swallowing enemies and experiencing new abilities such as the ability to throw eggs, flutter jump, and transform. The player will gain the boost with the flutter jump when holds the jump button. Two hidden levels will be unlocked, if the player perfectly completes all eight levels by collecting all red coins, flowers, and completing the level within thirty seconds.

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