Super Famicom Light Gun Concept In Development?

nes light gunDo you remember the awesome light gun on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Did you ever think why did we not get an awesome light gun on the Super Famicom / Nintendo?  All we got was the bulky ugly bazooka.  Well almost 30 years later we might be getting a light gun for the super famicom / nintendo.
Allan Williams has designed the concept for such a light gun and it looks sleek.  Whilst it does still look a bit bulky, it looks sexy 🙂

Below are a few pictures Allan Williams have developed.

Light Gun Concept
These pictures were developed with Maxon Cinema 4D Autodesk Fusion 360 Otoy Octane Render.  Allan Williams also said the following

A fictional light-gun designed for the Nintendo Super Famicom, quite possibly the greatest console of all time. Inspired to look more like an industrialised object and less toy-like than the usual light-gun offerings. Built in Fusion 360 and rendered in Cinema 4D using Octane render.

super famicon light gun
Whilst these pictures are only concept photos, who wouldn’t want to see this developed in to a working product.

Justin Mermack

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