Someone Turned an Old Boombox into a Mobile SNES Classic

Well I thought I had seen it all but today I cam across someone who turned an old boombox in to a mobile snes classic.  This boombox now enables you to play your favourite snes games on the go.  You can see this boombox below which on the outside has hardly been changed apart from the small screen.

snes boom box
This mobile snes classic was created by a modder called Colin who runs an online blog musical blog called “Why Not Make”  This took Colin about a week to make (Working on it for an hour a day) and cost him around $250.   The boombox had a black and white screen in it which was replaced with a new LCD display, and a snes classic was also loaded inside behind the speaker.

snes boom box snes classic
At the back of the boombox are the controller ports and also the HDMI out port. Colin used a HDMI splitter to split the video to the built in LCD display and also the HDMI out port.

boombox back
Colin has said that hes next project could be a NES classic build.  Watch this space. Snes guy approves this build 🙂

Justin Mermack

Justin is a gaming enthusiast that relishes replaying and reminiscing with fellow gamers about the retro video games we all grew up loving. Using his spare time, he writes on all things Nintendo, but you'll be hard-pressed not to find a controller in his hand.

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