New World Record Speedrun Super Mario All Stars Any%

New World Record Speedrun Super Mario All StarsA new world record has been set for Super Mario All Stars Any % on the SNES.  The record was broken on 06/04/2018 by Kosmicd12 with a time of 5:01.37 with Any % (Which means he used the warp pipes) The previous record was set by Andrewg1990 with a time of 5:01.701.  Kosmicd12 has said

Improvements I will be trying to make to this run: Getting better “luck” on the title screen (whether you save the framerule in 1-1 is based on when you push start on the title screen), and doing the pipe jump properly in 8-2. If everything comes together I should get a 4:59.9 which would be very exciting and satisfying to achieve!

Below is a screenshot of him when he made the record.

Justin Mermack

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