I Just Completed SMW Return To Dinosaur Land

SMW Return To Dinosaur LandsLast weekend I started to play a well known SNES ROM hack called super mario world Return To Dinosaur Land.  As you can see from the screenshot to the right I managed to complete the game 100% finding all exits :)

I have to say this is the best super mario world rom hack I have played (I have played a lot of SMW Hacks) I feel this game is the true sequel to the original game, SMW 2 on the SNES was not a direct sequel as the story was completely new.

Over all the game was not to hard, but there were a few sections where I really struggled such as on the ice worlds.  Take a look at the screenshot below, this part took me about 30 minutes to get past.  In fact I struggled on all the ice world levels :(

SMW Return To Dinosaur Land ice world
But apart from the ICE world levels the game was very enjoyable.  I really liked looking for all 59 exits.  This hack took me roughly 5 hours to complete and I class my self as an average skilled super mario world player.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for a super mario world hack to play to check this game out as it is considered to be the best SMW hack around (I agree) If you want to download this hack check out or Download Here

SMW Return To Dinosaur Land map

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