Hyper Street Kart

Hyper Street Kart SNES Rom HackHyper Street Kart is a Super Nintendo ROM hack based on the Super MarioKart SNES game. This hack introduces new characters as well as tracks, items and cups.  Capcom developed many great beat em up games, But I don’t remember them releasing any good racing game,, Until now, sort of 🙂

Game Rating : 0.28/5 (54)
Developer : The Real Phoenix & Ten Shu
Game Type : Racing
Release Date : 17 July 2016
Modes : Multi Player

Hyper Street Kart More Information

Hyper Street Kart introduces the characters of street fighter 2 in to the super mario kart game.  All of the Mario Kart playable characters have been replaced with the characters from street fighter.  You don’t get the full cast of Street Fighter II characters but you do get Blanka, Chun Li, Ken, Ryu, Zangief, M. Bison, Guile.

Hyper Street Kart Snes ROM Hack

The original mushroom, Flower and Star cups have been replaced with, Street, Fighter and Hadoken cup races which is a nice touch. You also get new items / power ups in the game, Power ups seem to be changed to be closer to Street Fighter II abilities (such as the fireball of Ken and Ryu)

Hyper Street Kart Cups
New racing tracks have been introduced in to the game which have been well developed and they feel like they are quite similar to the original Super Mario Kart to race on.  Overall this game was fun to play and I highly recommend it.

Hyper Street Kart Snes

=============== HISTORY ===============

Version 1.1, July
– Public release and Retail Box limited edition release
– Fixed Ryu speed in 100cc

Version 1.0, November 3 2015
– Inital private release, for close friends

=============== ISSUES ===============

– Since 1.1, fixing the Ryu’s speed turns the Hadouken’s item color in green
– UI palette in Chun Li’s beach is broken
– IA seems to have touble to jump correctly over the road on Final Race
in Street Cup.
– Some barrels/Akuma’s face disapear/apear in short distance. Behaviour is not
game breaking though.

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