Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Walkthroughs and Secrets for Hook on the Super Nintendo (SNES) We also have PRO Action replay and game genie codes.

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Hook (SNES) Cheats

Getting 99 Lives – Fly into the spike filled cave in level 1. Once you see the 3-Up grab it and then allow yourself to die. Repeat this process until you get 99 lives.

How To Walk through walls on the ice cave – You can easily advance through this level of the game by exploiting the walk through walls glitch. Recharge your pan meter from the first Tinkerbell you find then return to the start of the stage and fly upward. Pan will disappear and actually be in the ceiling. From there you can just walk to the right and you will not be effected by walls or enemies.

All Levels Open & Credits – At the title screen, press Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left and Up. If done right, a sound should be heard. Now you can press Select to view the game’s ending or you can start the game and press B on the map to go to any level you select.

Soft Reset – At any time during gameplay, on Controller 2, press Left + Select + Start to reset the game.


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Hook SNES Pro Action Replay Codes

Hook snes cheats SNES Action Replay CodesIf you need help using a pro action replay check out our FAQ Guide or post in our forums

If you are lucky enough to own an action replay you can use the below codes in Hook snes cheats on the SNES.  If any of the codes do not work, or if you know of any that do work that I did not mention please post about it in a comment below.

  • Unlimited Power: 7EF7C103
  • Unlimited Power (Code 2): 00C47DEA
  • Unlimited Time: 7E1F1459
  • Unlimited Lives: 7E1F0003
  • Fly: 7E1F0780

Hook SNES Game Genie Codes

Hook SNES Game Genie CodesIf you need help using a game genie check out our FAQ Guide or post in our forums

If you are lucky enough to own a Game Genie you can use the below codes in Hook snes cheats on the SNES. If any of the codes do not work, or if you know of any that do work that I did not mention please post about it in a comment below.

  • 3CA5-D70F: Infinite power (If you fall, switch off the Game Genie and then switch back on to die)
  • A268-6F03: Stop timer
  • D56B-ADA2: Time starts at 7 minutes (Stage 1)
  • D76B-ADA2: Time starts at 3 minutes (Stage 1)
  • D066-0FDD: Start with 3 leaves
  • D466-0FDD: Start with 1 leaf (You will still see 2 leaves, but you can only fill 1 of them)

More to be added soon

Hook Snes9X Codes

If you need any help with using cheats in SNES9X check out our FAQ Guide or post in our forums

If you are playing Hook on Snes9x (Or another SNES emulator which supports cheat codes) there are a ton of cheat codes you can use.  You can basically use any of the codes listed under the Action replay codes + Game Genie Codes sections, you simply need to enter the required code as per below.

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To active the cheat code you want launch the Snes9x application and load your game, Then click on the cheat menu > “Game Genie, Pro-Action Replay Codes”

Hook snes cheats Snes9x Codes

On the next screen enter the cheat code in “Enter Cheat Code” field, Then add a description and click on add then click ok to close this screen.  The cheat code will now be activated, please note with some codes need you to reset the game for the code to activate.


If any of the codes do not work, or if you know of any that do work that I did not mention please post about it in a comment below.

Hook (SNES) Walkthroughs

Question : Are you stuck on this game or want to find and unlock everything?
Answer : Good news, There is a website that has thousands of walkthrough for snes games which were created and submitted by SNES fans just like me and you.  Best of all there are some cheats and also save states you can also download. You can find a Hook snes walkthrough by clicking here

Misc Hook snes cheats Cheat Information

Question : Can I use all of these Hook snes cheats SNES Cheats?
Answer : The cheats I have listed under “Normal Hook cheats (SNES) Cheats” can be used by everyone. You will need a Action Replay or Game Genie to use the cheats listed on this page.

Question : What is A Pro Action Replay / Game Genie?
Answer : These are hardware cheat devices which plug directly in to your SNES / Super Nintendo then your game plugs in to the Action Replay / Game Genie device. When you turn your machine on you will be displayed with the Action Replay / Game Genie cheat screen where you can enter the cheat codes above.

Question : Do the Hook snes cheats Cheat Codes Only Work In The Snes9x Emulator?
Answer : No, the codes listed under game genie and action replay sections can be used in any SNES emulator which supports cheats.

Question : I have tried to use one of the cheats listed on this page but it doesn’t work, What can I do?
Answer : All the cheats listed on this page have been tested by me. If you are having issue with one of them post about it below and I will check it out for you.

Question : I know a good cheat for Hook snes cheats that is no listed on this page, Can you add it.
Answer : Please post about it in a comment below and I will add it to this article.

Question : Do you have any gameshark pro codes for Hook snes cheats?
Answer : We do not have any codes for the gameshark pro device.

Question : Do You Have Any Videos Of Cheats On The SNES?
Answer : If you want to see videos of this game take a look here for longplays, reviews, cheats and more.

Question : Do you have more SNES cheats on this site?
Answer : Yes :) Please visit the links below to view all the cheats we have.

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I hope this article on Hook Cheats + Action Replay / Game Genie Codes has helped you. If you are aware of any tips I have missed off please post about them in a comment below. Please help us out by spreading the word and sharing this article on Hook snes cheats (SNES) Cheats + Action Replay below.

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