How To Find Top Secret Area In Super Mario World

super mario world top secret areaHello, today ive got a great tip for you. I will show you how to find the top secret area in super mario world. This area is actually quite easy to get to when you know how. The top secret area is a small level where you can get two flowers and two feathers as well as a yoshi / 1up. The best thing about this level is you can re-enter as many times as you wish, Topping your lives up to 99. Below is what the top secret area looks like.

To find this secret area you first need a feather so Mario can fly. Now enter the ghost house “Donut Ghost House”

Now run to the right slightly then turn around and run to the left and fly to the top of the level. You will see a ledge at the top of the level, Land on it and run to the right and drop to the bottom.

At the bottom of this area there are four yellow blocks that you can hit to gt 1 ups, But be aware the ghosts will come down to get you so it might be tricky to get the 1 ups with out taking a hit. Exit this area by going through the door.

You will now see the secret exit to the level which will take you to the Top Secret Area Level.

Justin Mermack

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