The Castlevania game on the NES / Nintendo Entertainment System is a very challenging game and can be quite frustrating at times, Hopefully using the below cheats and codes will help you to beat this game.

  • Easy Lives  Stage 2 – If you hit the candle in Stage 2 that drops a bag of money worth 700 points, you can then head down the adjacent stairs into the lower chamber. Immediately return to the previous screen and hit the candle for 700 more points. You can repeat this process as often as you like, quickly gaining points that allow you to gain an extra life every 30,000 points. You will lose a life whenever the timer reaches 0, but you should be able to gain enough points that you come out ahead, as long as you’re willing to repeat the tedious process (and quickly enough).

  • 2 Secret Endings – Successfully complete the game by defeating Dracula.  To view the new endings, enter as a password, either:

  • Easy Grim Reaper Kill – The Grim Reaper at the end of the fifth level is arguably the hardest boss in the game – harder than even Dracula himself. However, there’s a quick and easy way (some might call it cheap) to kill him. During his stage, find the Holy Water sub-weapon, and hold onto it for dear life. When you finally get to fight Grim Reaper at the end of the stage, you can use the Holy Water to decimate the foe. Since there are raised platforms on both sides of the stage, wait until the enemy floats over or near one of them, and toss Holy Water. This will damage him and freeze him, allowing you to chuck Holy Water after Holy Water. You can kill him in seconds with this technique, before he’s able to chuck even one scythe your way.

  • Unlock A Harder Game – To unlock a harder version of the game, beat the game once through and then play it again from the menu without starting the game over again. You’ll be presented with the identical game as before, with all six levels in tact, but it will be much harder.

  • Play Without Music – At the title screen, let the demo play twice and press Start once you see the title screen for the 3rd time

  • Flashing statue – Watch first demo and when simon gets whip press start. Start game and statue will flash!

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Castlevania NES Pro Action Replay Codes

Castlevania NES cheats NES Action Replay CodesIf you are lucky enough to own an action replay you can use the below codes in Castlevania NES cheats on the NES.

  • 004540 – Infinite Health
  • 007163 – Infinite Hearts Note: Turn off at end of Level to continue on.
  • 002A63 – Infinite Lives
  • A0AFAD – Infinite Time
  • 005B02 – Invincible
  • 971B8F – No Knock Back From Enemies

More to be added soon.

Castlevania NES Game Genie Codes

Castlevania NES Game Genie CodesIf you are lucky enough to own a Game Genie you can use the below codes in Castlevania NES cheats on the NES. If any of the codes do not work, or if you know of any that do work that I did not mention please post about it in a comment below.

  • ZEUTAYAA – Gain rapid fire shots on weapon pick-up
  • AVEEZZSA – Infinite energy this work
  • SZSVLYSA – Infinite health
  • OXNGLZVK – Infinite lives (NOTE: You may notice some extra flicker on the screen. Try pressing the RESET button to clear it.)
  • SXXXYAAX – Infinite time
  • GZOGYUSE – Keep weapons after losing a life
  • PANKXPGA – Start with 1 life
  • AXOGOPIE – Start with 40 power hearts
  • AANKXPGE – Start with 8 lives
  • ASOGOPIA – Start with 80 power hearts
  • KXESUZKA – Weapons don’t use power hearts

More to be added soon

Castlevania Emulator Codes

If you are playing Castlevania on Emulator (Or another NES emulator which supports cheat codes) there are a ton of cheat codes you can use.  You can basically use any of the codes listed under the Action replay codes + Game Genie Codes sections, you simply need to enter the required code as per below.

Jump To : Castlevania Action Replay Codes
Jump To : Castlevania Game Genie Codes

To active the cheat code you want launch the Emulator application and load your game, Then click on the cheat menu > “Game Genie, Pro-Action Replay Codes”

Castlevania NES cheats Emulator Codes

On the next screen enter the cheat code in “Enter Cheat Code” field, Then add a description and click on add then click ok to close this screen.  The cheat code will now be activated, please note with some codes need you to reset the game for the code to activate.


If any of the codes do not work, or if you know of any that do work that I did not mention please post about it in a comment below.

Castlevania (NES) Walkthroughs

Question : Are you stuck on this game or want to find and unlock everything?
Answer : Good news, There is a website that has thousands of walkthrough for NES games which were created and submitted by NES fans just like me and you.  Best of all there are some cheats and also save states you can also download. You can find a Castlevania NES walkthrough by clicking here

Misc Castlevania NES cheats Cheat Information

Question : Can I use all of these Castlevania NES cheats NES Cheats?
Answer : The cheats I have listed under “Normal Castlevania cheats (NES) Cheats” can be used by everyone. You will need a Action Replay or Game Genie to use the cheats listed on this page.

Question : What is A Pro Action Replay / Game Genie?
Answer : These are hardware cheat devices which plug directly in to your NES / Super Nintendo then your game plugs in to the Action Replay / Game Genie device. When you turn your machine on you will be displayed with the Action Replay / Game Genie cheat screen where you can enter the cheat codes above.

Question : Do the Castlevania NES cheats Cheat Codes Only Work In The Emulator Emulator?
Answer : No, the codes listed under game genie and action replay sections can be used in any NES emulator which supports cheats.

Question : I have tried to use one of the cheats listed on this page but it doesn’t work, What can I do?
Answer : All the cheats listed on this page have been tested by me. If you are having issue with one of them post about it below and I will check it out for you.

Question : I know a good cheat for Castlevania NES cheats that is no listed on this page, Can you add it.
Answer : Please post about it in a comment below and I will add it to this article.

Question : Do you have any gameshark pro codes for Castlevania NES cheats?
Answer : We do not have any codes for the gameshark pro device.

Question : Do You Have Any Videos Of Cheats On The NES?
Answer : If you want to see videos of this game take a look here for longplays, reviews, cheats and more.

Question : Do you have more NES cheats on this site?
Answer : Yes 🙂 Please visit the links below to view all the cheats we have.

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I hope this article on Castlevania Cheats + Action Replay / Game Genie Codes has helped you. If you are aware of any tips I have missed off please post about them in a comment below. Please help us out by spreading the word and sharing this article on Castlevania NES cheats (NES) Cheats + Action Replay below.

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