Apocalypse II

Apocalypse IIGame Rating : 1/5 (3)
Publisher: Piko Interactive Llc
Game Type : Arcade shooter
Release Date : 1994
Modes : Single Player

Apocalypse II (SNES) Gameplay

Apocalypse II is a 1994 Arcade shooter for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game puts a player in control of a space ship in space. It was published by Piko Interactive Llc and developed by Psynosis.

Apocalypse II snes

Apocalypse II is strictly a shooter and players play as a pilot of a space ship that shoots lasers at the moon. When the moons are hit, player will earn points and when every level begins, there are power ups that fall across the screen and these include Speed Up (makes your ship faster), Rotate (allows you to rotate the ship 360 degrees), Missile (gives you one missile), Shield (makes you temporarily invincible) and 1up (gives you an extra ship)

Apocalypse II screenshot

The main plot of this game is to destroy the moons that a player sees and try to gain as much points as possible. When a player reaches 10,000 points they get an extra life. As players continue to shoot the moons, they start to glow.

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Apocalypse II (SNES) Q and A

Question : What Are The Game Controls For Apocalypse II?
Answer : Here They Are.
L : Rotate counter clockwise
R : Rotate clock wise
A : Shoot laser
B : Shoot laser
X : Shield
Y : Missile
Start : Pause game
Select : Nothing

If you plan to play this game it might help to learn the game controls first. If any of these controls for Apocalypse II are incorrect please let us know by posting a comment below

Question : Is Apocalypse II Any Good?
Answer : Below is how Apocalypse II Super Nintendo game rated on popular gaming sites on the internet. This should give you a good idea if the game is worth playing or not.

  • Nintendo Power = 3.5 / 5

Question : How Long Does It Take To Complete Apocalypse II On The SNES?
Answer : If you plan to play this game you will be interested to know how long this game will take to complete and how hard people rate this game. The below stats were taken from howlongtobeat.com

  • Apocalypse II Main Story : 4.5 Hours
  • Main Story + Extras : 8 Hours
  • Retired : 13%

If you have played this game please post a comment below and let us know what you thought of the game, How long it took you to complete and how hard do you think the game was?

Question : Is It Illegal To Download and Play a ROM of Apocalypse II ?
Answer : Yes it is illegal.  Nintendo have posted the following on there website “whether you have possession of a Nintendo ROM for a limited amount of time, i.e. 24 hours, it is illegal to download and play a Nintendo ROM from the Internet”  which makes it clear that downloading ROMS is completely illegal.  A lot of people say this is a grey area, Some say as long as you own Apocalypse II on the SNES you can download and play the ROM as a backup to the physical media, this is not true.  Nintendo see ROMS as a threat to date to the intellectual property rights of video game developers.

Question : This Game Is Hard, Do You Have Any Cheats For This Game?
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Question : This Game Is Hard, Do You Have Any Cheats For This Game?
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