Adventures of Kid Kleets

Adventures of Kid KleetsAdventures of Kid Kleets is a platformer which has some very interesting and unique elements where enemies are killed using a football. Players can use skills like overhead kicks and headers if they practice.  Adventures of Kid Kleets was published and developed by Readysoft.

Game Rating : 1.67/5 (3)
Publisher: Ocean Software
Game Type : Platformer
Release Date : 1993
Modes : Single Player

Adventures of Kid Kleets (SNES) Gameplay

The World Cup trophy has been stolen, and it’s up to Kid Kleets to retrieve it. Apparently, the soccer world’s coveted prize has been shattered and pieces of it are scattered throughout the world. It’s your responsibility to take control of the Kid and locate those pieces.

Adventures of Kid Kleets Title Menu

The game starts when the Soccer Kid is waiting for the World Cup to commerce but there is an alien pirate scrab that is scanning the trophies to add to his collection and beaming the World Cup with the help of his spaceship. During the process of beaming the trophy into space, the alien spaceship crashes into a satellite and cup blows up into 5 pieces that scatter across the world in countries like USA, Japan, Russian, Italy and England.

Adventures of Kid Kleets Gameplay

Armed with a trusty soccer ball that doubles as a devastating weapon, you’ll have to scour the globe and fight an army of nasties that want to make sure you don’t succeed in your mission. Make your way through the snow-covered streets of Moscow; the ancient ruins of Rome; and, a speeding bullet train headed for downtown on your quest to find the cherished World Cup.

Adventures of Kid Kleets Screenshot

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Adventures of Kid Kleets (SNES) Q and A

Question : What Are The Game Controls For Adventures of Kid Kleets?
Answer : Here They Are.
L : To Be Added
R : To Be Added
A : To Be Added
B : To Be Added
X : To Be Added
Y : To Be Added
Start : To Be Added
Select : To Be Added

If you plan to play this game it might help to learn the game controls first. If any of these controls for Adventures of Kid Kleets are incorrect please let us know by posting a comment below

Question : Is Adventures of Kid Kleets Any Good?
Answer : Below is how Adventures of Kid Kleets Super Nintendo game rated on popular gaming sites on the internet. This should give you a good idea if the game is worth playing or not.

  • Consoles Plus = 82 / 100
  • Mega Fun = 64 / 100
  • Play Time = 58 / 100

If you have played this game please post a comment below and let us know what you thought of the game, How long it took you to complete and how hard do you think the game was?

Question : Is It Illegal To Download and Play a ROM of Adventures of Kid Kleets ?
Answer : Yes it is illegal.  Nintendo have posted the following on there website “whether you have possession of a Nintendo ROM for a limited amount of time, i.e. 24 hours, it is illegal to download and play a Nintendo ROM from the Internet”  which makes it clear that downloading ROMS is completely illegal.  A lot of people say this is a grey area, Some say as long as you own Adventures of Kid Kleets on the SNES you can download and play the ROM as a backup to the physical media, this is not true.  Nintendo see ROMS as a threat to date to the intellectual property rights of video game developers.

Question : This Game Is Hard, Do You Have Any Cheats For This Game?
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Question : How Can I Submit My Rating For This Game?
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Question : This Game Is Hard, Do You Have Any Cheats For This Game?
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